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Welcome to DWS Hobbies !

Welcome to DadsWorkShop “Where Love is a Good Investment!”

A Retail Hobby shop: AMA certified and FAA Listed, where Dad has done it again, found a way to bring joy to all the Boys and Girls in the local area and dream to be all they can be trough their hobby passions! DWShobbies offers low retail prices for the youth of all ages in Kansas City and around the world.

We are based out of 6443 Nieman Rd Shawnee KS. This Hobby shop is named in honor of the owners Dad who served in the US Military and Loved his Son enough to invest in him a hobby shop where this fond memory lives on. The owner, in turn, has found a way to give back that Love to everyone who share in his love of Hobbies of all kinds.

DWShobbies Inc. aspires to help youth and old alike to live out their dream of being a pilot, a captain, a engineer, a literal commander of their own world.
As a child the owner aspired to be a pilot, thorugh his love of model aircraft he has achieved that. Yes, this father and grandfather loves his hobbies & his dream of being a pilot! "We live to be who we are, but sometimes when life limits us we find a way to break those glass ceilings, we use our imagination".

Hobbies often prepare us for careers in fields we have talent. Drones are known to be used for the Armed Forces and technology industries, even Farming. DadsWorkShop stands with you offering models of airplanes, quadcopters, tricopters, rockets, boats, Submarines, trains and cars to help you in fullfilling your needs and dreams. Air, Land or Water; we have you covered.

Hobbies often start with sharing a passion with the ones you LOVE! Come to DWSHobbies, build your passion, and grow your Loving experience with your children and loved ones. You will also have peace of mind in knowing you encouraged them to further their education and have fun doing it. Remember: "Love is always a good investment" at DadWorkShop Inc.

So come to DadsWorkShop "Where Love is a Good investment"! Our company motto and the first thing you will hear coming through our doors.

Here at DWShobbies we also pride ourselves in bringing you the latest in development and technology. We offer FPV Drones and parts.This form of racing is fast and furious. This year racing is being taken to the Gaming level and becoming a fast growing sport all over the world. By owning a set of FPV goggles and a Quadcopter from DadsWorkShop, you get right into the action fast, testing your skills with other who share your passion. We always have new things coming in, so keep any eye out for Rockets, Boats, and 3D aircraft. If you don't see it, tell us and we will work to get what you desire and need.

Shop today at DadsWorkShop Inc. "Where Love is a good investment!"

Thank you for your patronage at DWShobbies!