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We recommend AMA Modelers Insurance Should be purchased at the time of purchase of aircraft of any design! Why should you join the AMA? You can read the overview in-depth HERE, but to summarize:

First, it’s the AMA! It’s an organization by hobbyists, for hobbyists, and it fights to keep the hobby alive! The AMA is always trying to find and authorize flight zones, schedule events, negotiate safety codes and programs, and they even offer scholarships for our younger pilots. They push to make this hobby as pain-free and fun as it can be.

Second, membership in the AMA qualifies you for the best Protection in the hobby. Nobody ever thinks about how much damage a bad crash can do until it’s too late, from grazing a bad power line, to losing sight and hitting someone, you never want to fly without protection. Joining the AMA allows you to claim the following:

Liability Coverage for the Operation of Model Aircraft, Boats, Cars, and Rockets

$2,500,000 Comprehensive General Liability Protection for model activities for members, clubs, site owners, and sponsors
$25,000 Accident/Medical Coverage for members
$10,000 Maximum Accidental Death Coverage for members
$1,000 Fire, Theft, and Vandalism Coverage for members
Primary Site Owner Insurance

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Member of FAA Small Business database.

AMA appointed to an FAA high-level advisory committee/team

The FAA recently formed a high-level advisory committee/team to provide advice on key model aviation issues and to help identify challenges and prioritize improvements. We are excited to share that AMA has been invited to be a part of this newly formed team. The inaugural meeting will be held on September 16 in Washington D.C.