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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Proper Setup of Skis and Floats
Proper Setup of Skis and Floats 
Dean Pappas shares the proper setup of skis and floats for flying from both fluid and frozen water. Read more to learn how floats and skis affect flight!
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Fifty Years of Nats History
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50 Years of Nats History 
Your AMA membership gives you access to informational resources such as these Nats photos from the National Model Aviation Museum archives, helping you enjoy model aviation! Read more to learn about the 1967 Nats.
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Camp AMA 2017
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Camp AMA 2017 
Throughout this weeklong summer camp, young pilots had the opportunity to learn and work on their flying skills. Watch now to see more from this year’s camp!
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Modifying a Stock Rubber-Powered Model
Modifying a Stock Rubber-Powered Model 
Dave Gee demonstrates how to modify a stock rubber-powered model, including setting the wing’s dihedral and altering the motor for better flight performance. Watch now to learn how you can increase the performance of these stock models!
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HobbyKing Glue-N-Go Series MiG-29
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HobbyKing Glue-N-Go Series MiG-29 
Until electric-ducted fan (EDF) units became more powerful, pusher park flyer jets were the only way to fly a decent-performing RC electric jet at your local park. Read more to learn about HobbyKing’s MiG-